How to look insanely stylish during weekends?

Finally weekend!! More likely, you will rush to get rid of the formals and get all geared up in casuals for the following days. Removing your tie and loosening a few shirt buttons is a great way to take the formality down a few notches but you might want more than that to level up your style! Take advantage of this moment to go out of the box from a very classic jeans T-shirt combination to a new arena of casual dressing. If it is a night out in the city or brunch with friends, make sure that your outfits are stylish and have some extra flair.

As the ultimate fashion destination, Fashion Heights makes sure to bring you the most fashionable outfits to look your best during weekends!
Here are the some fun and stylish looks to adopt if you want to slay during the weekend:


  • Keep it simple with your favourite polo shirt

Polo shirt is the safest option to look cool and stylish for a day out with your friends or even for a movie plan. If you are into preppy looks, this one is definitely for you! Wear your polo shirt along with your favourite chinos and sneakers.

  • Go for the unbuttoned shirt style for a relaxed look

Opt for a casual shirt and style it in a different way! For instance - unbutton your squared-pattern shirt and wear a simple white tee inside, along with your chinos.


  • Sweatpants will make feel like the coolest guy in town

Are you a fan of sweatpants? Just get into your trendy sweatpants, a t-shirt or sweater and white sneakers – off you go to rock the day!

  • Get ready for Saturday night with florals

Every modern and stylish men will consider the floral shirt as a bright addition to their wardrobe. It is the perfect way to add interest to your style on Saturday night!


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