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Fashion Heights Loyalty Card


Make the most of our fashion brands and enjoy continuous discounts the whole year with our black and gold card!


Black card

The black card allows you to benefit from 10% discount on all full price items in all shops of the Fashion Heights Ltd group comprising of Mango, Jennyfer, Celio, Esprit, Etam, Xti, Mia and Bizou.


Gold Card

Black cardholders, exceeding a purchasing amount of Rs 150, 000 during the year, will be upgraded to the Gold category and hence benefit from a discount of 15% on all their purchases. Gold cards are valid for one year as from the date of issue.

If the Gold cardholder maintains an additional purchased amount of Rs.150,000, he/she stays in the Gold category for another year. If cardholder does not maintain an additional purchased amount of Rs.150,000, and wishes to have a Fashion Heights loyalty card again after a year, the cardholder shall purchase a black card and benefit from 10% discount.



How to apply for the Fashion Heights loyalty card?

An application form available at the cashdesk of all Fashion Heights shops is to be filled for subscription to the loyalty programme. The cardholder shall present his/her National Identity card or Passport while registering and a payment of Rs.800 shall be made upon application.

Applications can now be made through our website where payment will be made by Juice (by MCB).


How long does it take to get my loyalty card after registration?

Loyalty cards will be delivered within a maximum of seven (7) working days post application. Loyalty cards will be activated after application.


How to use my loyalty card?

In order to benefit from the discount, cardholders should always present their loyalty card at the shop counters before the purchase. Management reserves the right to request the cardholder to present his/her National Identity card or Passport along with the loyalty card to check the personal use of the loyalty card.


What happens if I forget to bring my loyalty card while shopping?

Purchases made by a cardholder, without presentation of the loyalty card give no entitlement to discount.


Can I lend my card to someone else for shopping?

The card is strictly personal, non-transferrable and equipped with a unique code only for the cardholder.


Is the card valid on sales items?

The card is not valid on sales items during special promotions. However, a pro-rated amount spent during the special promotion will be accumulated on the cardholder’s yearly purchases but no additional discount will be given to the cardholder. For example, 80% of the amount spent on -20% will be accumulated and so on.


What happens if the loyalty card is mis-used?

Management reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the card at any moment where it suspects cases of fraud and/or abuse without informing the cardholder. The cardholder will then lose all the rights to benefit from the advantages associated with the card. Any abuse and/or misuse of the loyalty card leads to immediate and definitive disqualification for any further membership or use of the loyalty card.

Management further reserves the right to refuse entry to the loyalty programme without stating a justification and the right not to activate a loyalty card. Moreover, management further reserves the right to cancel the loyalty card and the loyalty programme at any time and/or to replace it by another programme. Management reserves the right not to renew the card after one year. This will be communicated to the cardholder prior to implementation.


Will I get a replacement card if my card is lost or stolen?

In case of lost or stolen card, it is the cardholder’s duty to report the issue to one of our shops or head office. The card will be de-activated and a new card will be issued upon payment of an administration fee of Rs.100.


Does Fashion Heights protect the privacy of cardholders?

All information requested in the membership form is required in order to obtain the card and to create account of the participant. Fashion Heights is committed to protecting the privacy of its cardholders. The information and personal data collected in the framework of the loyalty card are used exclusively in compliance with the data protection laws and regulations of Mauritius.


How does Fashion Heights use my personal data?

By accepting the terms and conditions, the cardholder authorizes Fashion Heights to use his/her personal data for personalised offers, for analysis by Fashion Heights and for marketing purposes. The cardholder also authorizes Fashion Heights to transmit personal data to third parties or to service providers. The adherent also gives authorization to communicate with him/her by any means, including by emailing and SMS.


Do I have the right to rectify/delete or object to the use of my personal data?

In accordance with the ‘Data Protection Act’, the cardholder has the right to access, rectify, improve or delete his/her data by contacting one of the shops or the head office of Fashion Heights Ltd. The cardholder has the right to object to the processing of his/her personal data for direct marketing purposes.


Will I be informed if the terms and conditions of the cards are changed?

The management reserves the right to unilaterally change these terms and conditions at any time without having to inform the cardholder of this individually and without any right to compensation for the cardholder. In the event of any changes made, the revised terms and conditions shall be communicated by the cashiers in stores or by any other means as Fashion Heights shall deem fit. The present terms and conditions are subject exlusively to the laws of Mauritius. In the event of any dispute, the competent courts of Mauritius shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


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