5 new 2019 jewellery trends you need to know about!

Jewellery trends are constantly changing every season. Most people don’t usually treat their earrings or rings as priorities while dressing up—especially on days they’re running late for work and there is no time to find the right accessories. Yet, having the right piece can transform a look instantly! Almost everyone has their go-to jewelleries to complete a 9-to-5 outfit or casual look. But, it is always a good idea to make room in our wardrobes for an off-the-moment necklace or bracelet that imparts a little personality or sophistication.

At Fashion Heights, we are totally crushing over the refined and modern jewellery trends from MiaJWL – they are made of stainless steel, they are hypoallergenic and long-lasting while keeping up with the latest fashion trends! What more could you ask for?

Still not sure which jewelleries are worth spending your money on this season? We have piled up the latest jewellery trends you shouldn’t miss if you want to be on top of the styling game: 


  1. Bold Gold chain

Bold gold is definitely a must have for 2019. Chains and links reminds us of the '80s retro looks! From fine jewellery designers to runways, chains and links are everywhere. Pair them with elegant blouses or dresses for some extra flair.


  1. Layering delicate necklaces

Today, it’s all about layering and we are not just talking about your clothes. Make the most of the layering and stacking jewellery trends by wearing several necklaces. But, be careful not to make it a fashion disaster! The key lies in selecting delicate necklaces which look good together.



  1. Hoop earrings and pendants

Hoops have been around for a long time and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. This timeless hoop jewellery trends continue to have its fashion moment with different styles, embellishments and sizes, ranging from small to big. The MiaJwl hoop necklace and earring can elevate any of your looks.



  1. Stackable minimalist rings

Stackable rings are trending at the moment. If you want more sophistication to your look, they are definitely what you need to opt for! MiaJWL minimalist rings are perfect for stacking. They will complete your look with a unique touch of originality and elegance.



  1. Geometric jewellery

Geometric jewellery trends have been a key trend for the last few years. It can be worn as a statement piece which can instantly add some edge to your whole ensemble. Geometric jewelleries are normally eye-catching and MiaJWL has some fabulous pieces which can make you stand out of the crowd.





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