Best ways to wear your favourite polo shirt

The classic polo shirt is a timeless staple in any men’s wardrobe. We all know that the polo shirt is an icon of preppy style, but you’ll be surprise to know that it can fit other style of dressing as well. Versatile and always trendy, the classic polo can be dressed up or dressed down to suit the occasion, as long as you avoid those with a huge, bright logo or massive numbers on the back. 


  • Polo shirts and shorts

Casual day out or beach day? Try to fit in the polo shirt among your most coveted outfits. Keep it untucked and pair it with your favourite bermuda shorts – the perfect match! If you want to attract mores eyes on you, try stripes and brighter colours with navy, beige or white as an anchor somewhere in your outfit. Tailored shorts or swim shorts are your bottoms of choice, switching in espadrilles, boat shoes and even sandals.  

  • Opt for pleated trousers 

The best way to go for a retro look with a polo shirt is by pairing it with pleated trousers. The thing with this style is that you need to be careful not to be twinning with your grandpa. So, ensure that you select pleated trousers which fits you perfectly. You can also choose a polo shirt with some design interest i.e textured or printed. The best way to revive the whole look is by choosing trainers over smart shoes.

  • Pair it with your suit

Who said you cannot wear a polo shirt with your suit? If you’re looking for a distinct look which will make you stand out of the crowd, this style is for you! You can start with a navy, grey or black suit and simply wear a polo instead of your shirt and tie. Sure, this look can feel quite tough to pull off! However, no need to be afraid as the key is only to make sure your polo fits really well. Keep in mind that if it's too big and long, it will end up ruining the whole look. If suits is among your favourite outfits and you wear it all the time, especially in warmer climates, it’s time for you to give the polo shirt a shot


  •  Go for jeans or chinos

If you’re new to this type of shirt, start by teaming it with your favourite jeans and slim fit white chinos, matching shoes and cool shades for a smart casual look. It’s best to leave the polo untucked and opt of minimal accessories. Chinos are nice alternatives to jeans, especially since they can be dressed up or down easily, and they look great with polo shirts. While pairing your jeans or chinos with your polo shirt, you have the choice to wear sneakers, boat shoes or loafers.



Final tips to rock the polo shirt:

  • Fit – Make sure it fits but isn’t too tight or too baggy.
  • Buttons – Keep at least one button done.
  • Iron – It goes without saying but always iron your polo shirt thoroughly before you leave the house - focus on the collar and make sure to have a neat fold.
  • Tucked in –It is advised to tuck your polo shirt in for smarter occasions and leave it untucked daily.
  • Collar – Always check this isn’t curling or creased before wearing - one trick is to look for stronger ribbed collars.


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